Sales Engagement

Capture interest in the moment

We understand the need to reduce the sales cycle so we bring to you the Holy Grail of Sales.  No more insane folders, impersonal links or emails with pdf attachments. Repurpost empowers you to search, find, share, and track all of your company’s collateral. And turn it into a captivating buying experience.

Sales Engagement

Engage the entire buying committee

Build custom collections for each prospect as well as site resource pages or personalized onboarding hubs in minutes for your channel sales and secure future pipeline.

Create, communicate and deliver value to your target market at a profit.

Collaborate with Marketing

Get rid of siloed efforts and create one consistent dialogue with your prospects. Establish your best buyer profiles and create a feedback loop on customer needs and trends providing sellers with the information your prospect needs when they need it.

Speed Up Deal Cycle

Did you know a single sales rep spends 58 days a year looking for content! We don’t only ensure that you have the right content at the right time to close all of your deals but empower you to whip up personalized Netflix-like experiences for all of your accounts.

Make it Ridiculously Easy for Prospects

According to Forrester, the average person consumes 11.4 assets before making a purchase decision. Ensure you’re answering your customers’ questions while simultaneously improving their opinion of your brand with our Smart Content sites.

Accelerate Pipeline

Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. Sending multiple bulky attachments is a thing of the past. Engage your entire buying committee through personalised, branded Smart Content microsites.

Unparalleled Support

Our specialized onboarding team and partners are here for you to ensure your team is successful. We provide you with workshops, onboarding and ongoing support to ensure that you never feel alone.

Optimize for growth

Track Smart Content engagement to optimize for maximum pipeline velocity. Repurpost provides you with full insight into which content assets are working the hardest so that you can ensure you are captivating your buyer’s attention.

It's no longer about 'what' we sell but about 'how' we sell. It's about finding new ways to deepen relationships and share knowledge with our buyer's.
Repurpost Sales Engagement


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