Human Resources

Elevate employees by connecting them in the moment that counts

Reducing employee churn is about reconnecting on fresh terms and reimagining the role companies play in boosting company culture, employee retention, resource offerings and collaboration.

Human Resources

Connecting when it counts

The experience employees have will define or redefine how they perceive and organization, and so condition how they engage with you moving forward.

Leaving employees to fend for themselves during their first weeks can make them less confident in their future choices.

Enhance their Experience

Remember feeling lost on your first day, nervous about not knowing who to go to? Redefine your onboarding process by providing each new team member with their very own personalized welcome site. Created with curated content for their position.

Increase long-term Loyalty

When employees see that HR is working to solve their problems, provide them with knowledge, create a company culture or inspire them, greater value is placed on their work. This increases confidence satisfaction and employee trust in your company.

Make meaningful Connections

Help employees foster connections with your customers by providing them with the right conditions to create breakthrough value. Differentiating your business from your competitors.

Smart content Library

Transform the way your company stores, filters, sorts and provides content. Repurpost brings your files, presentations, WordPress and YouTube content together so that you can easily find, update, publish, share and distribute anything you need in a personalized targeted employee & customer-centric captivating content experience.

Inspire people to Take Action

Invest in the three P’s: Purpose, People, & Processes. If your goal is to ramp up quickly, be proactive in your onboarding. Anticipate needs and ensure that everyone is aligned. Repurpost builds long term connections between marketing, sales and customer success.

Everyone wants to be Heard

Provide everyone with the opportunity to give feedback. When you are part of the conversation you want to motivate a result. When you open up departments to collaborate, everyone feels involved and interaction feeds constructive discussion and restults.

Personalization is so powerful that employees need not necessarily engage with HR for the benefits to arise.

Simply the knowledge that personalized information is readily available can make a profound difference. Increasing loyalty, trust, confidence and satisfaction.

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