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Armstrong Alliance Group Partner of Repurpost

Armstrong Alliance Group

Go-to-Market Strategy & Playbook Development

Do you have a G2M playbook that aligns your sales, marketing and product development roadmap activities?

Most businesses don’t have an established G2M playbook. What they have is inertia around outdated processes and then wonder why their competition continues to outpace them.

To beat your competition, you need a smarter plan. AAG will work with your leadership team to formulate a G2M strategy, unify processes and help you close PoCs and add new clients. Depending on the company’s needs this can be within existing target industries or new «blue ocean» market spaces.

Armstrong Alliance Group

Brand + Marketing Refresh

Is the full potential of your business reflected in your brand?

Every company needs a North Star that 1) sets their company’s internal compass and guides them successfully though all aspects of their growth, and 2) helps them break through the marketing clutter to attract new customers, partners and advocates.

AAG exercises a proven True North process honed from years working in leadership positions in the world’s top ad and brand agencies. This process will quickly and effectively take your sales and marketing materials to the next level to unlock your unique brand story and amplify it with compelling marketing, PR and social media assets. Additionally, we will find the most compelling product talk tracks and turn them into high-draw SEO-loving content, PR hooks and thought leadership assets. This ensures your brand’s full potential is seen and heard.

Theatre of Commerce Partner of Repurpost

Theatre of Commerce

Sales Breakthrough

The Sales Breakthrough Program combines a suite of powerful analytic tools with individual and group training for sales executives, managers, and teams looking to take their results to the next level:

Mack Collier

Consulting and Advisement

Whether you need an audit of your existing strategies, ongoing strategic advisement, or simply an expert to look over your shoulder, I can help. This service is perfect for businesses with a limited budget, or those who have an occasional need for help, such as in dealing with a one-time crisis management issue. I am happy to help give your team the direction and advice it needs, as necessary.

Strategic Development and Execution

If your business lacks the skills or bandwidth to develop complex digital strategies or customer engagement programs, I can help. Whether it’s creating a complete digital strategy or building a robust brand ambassador program from the ground up, I can deliver. If your business also needs help executing its new strategy or program, I offer custom packages to give your business every tool it needs to succeed.

The ultimate sales machine


Consultant in social selling, inside sales, marketing automation and LinkedIn.
We direct and present two podcasts «La Maquina de Vender» #1 worldwide in marketing on Ivoox and «The Ultimate Sales Machine».

Having done more than 100 projects in Spain, LATAM and USA we digitizing sales departments and teach marketing professionals how to sell their B2B products through LinkedIn without leaving the office.

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